Fire training: How to Prepare For The General Evacuation

To prepare employees to respond effectively in case of fire or accident, the employer must set up general evacuation exercises at least twice a year. Discover how to make this scenario through our practical advice and our training proposals for companies.

What are the goals of general evacuation drills?

It is essential to offer general evacuation exercises to your employees so that they can adopt the right reflexes. Even if you have already made your employees aware of the fire risk, the practical situation is the only way to decrease the risk of accidents.

The objectives of simulating an evacuation in case of fire or accident are:

  • Sensitize staff to adopt appropriate behavior;
  • Know how to recognize the alarm and the specific signals in case of fire;
  • Know the location of shelters or secure waiting areas;
  • Identify and use emergency exits and the assembly point;
  • Learn how to apply the fire safety instructions;
  • Check the operation of the fire safety system in the company.
  • How to organize the general evacuation of the building?

During a fire, the purpose of the evacuation is to keep employees safe and secure from danger. The general abandonment of the premises is done to a meeting point located outside the building or in a protected space provided for this purpose.

Evacuation can be triggered in case of fire, gas leak or risk of collapse. In the event of a bomb threat, natural disaster or chemical dispersion, you must also evacuate your staff from the premises.

The organization of an evacuation exercise must be carried out by carefully following the four following steps:

  1. Inform staff of the existence of a potential hazard.
  2. Accompany the employees by following the evacuation plan.
  3. Check that all staff has left the premises.
  4. Ensure that all employees are present at the meeting point.

Who are the actors of the general evacuation in case of fire?

To prevent general panic from taking hold of company employees, it is essential to train your employees in the fire safety maintenance course. Some members of your staff will be able to guide their colleagues during the general evacuation.

The fire audit services team is composed of at least three people depending on the size of the company: a manager, one or more guide-files, and one or more file-holders:

The evacuation officer is responsible for coordinating the team to evacuate personnel more effectively. He is the intermediary between the management, the guide-files, the file-closers, and the rescue teams.

The guide-file is responsible for accompanying employees to the assembly point or secure space. He must ensure the presence of all the collaborators outside the building and warn the gates in case of absence.

The hangman is the last person to evacuate the premises. He must make sure that no one has remained inside the company. In particular, he must check that the windows and doors have been closed, that nobody uses the elevator and that no employee is in the toilet.


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