Why Fire Safety Equipment is essential in a building?

Fire safety equipment plays an important role in the safety of people, premises and building against destruction caused by fire. Whether you are a building owner or employer it must be your first duty to make arrangements and provide training to people to escape and use fire safety equipment in an emergency.

You need to check your premises or building to know the areas sensitive to fire such as a kitchen. Fire safety arrangements are different for residential house, building and industries.

What are the common fire safety equipment and devices available in the market?

When it comes to fire safety equipment and devices you will find different kinds of equipment to tackle different class or degree of fire. Once you know the areas prone to fire hazard in your premises, you need to get different fire safety devices according to your requirement. Below we have listed some latest fire safety equipment that are widely used:

Fire Extinguisher: These hand-held fire fighting instruments are commonly used in each and every building. They are manufactured to fight against small fire and do not allow it to spread further to cause a vast destruction. Such fire extinguisher contains different kind of fire extinguishing agents like water, foam, dry powder, CO2, and wet chemical. Purchase according to your requirement as different extinguish agents are meant to handle a different degree of fire.

Fire Blankets: These are used to fight against fire fuelled by cooking oil and fats. They are manufactured to handle class “F” fire like fire in the kitchen.

Fire Hose Reel: A fire spread through papers, wood, rubber etc is called class “A” fire. The instrument is used to discharge water on affected area hence not used to fight with electrical fire. The fire extinguisher contains CO2 is used to combat an electrical fire.

Signage: Signage plays an important role in an emergency. Each and every firefighting equipment and the device should have signage so that anyone can track them easily when required. You need a proper guidance to know the areas where fire safety signage can be installed.

Sprinklers: You may require connecting with a certified fire protection specialist who will guide you regarding type, installation and maintenance of sprinklers as it may vary from building to building.


  • If you want to install it in a multistory building, you need an automatic fire sprinkler system, combined sprinkler and hydrate system.
  • A sprinkler system used to open fire resistant doors and windows.
  • Fire detection, warning, control and intercom system.

Smoke Alarms: These can be installed in any type of building from residential to commercial. Smoke Alarms are widely used to detect smoke that may turn into high flames if not treated on time.

What steps should be taken for the maintenance of fire safety equipment?


You need to check all active and passive fire safety devices at regular intervals like:

  • All fire doors should be checked on a daily basis.
  • All fire alarming and smoke detecting devices should be checked on a weekly basis.
  • All emergency lights should be checked on a monthly basis.
  • All fire safety equipment should be check once in a year to ensure that they work when required.


Security against fire is must for every premise. You can hire fire safety audit consultants who will assist you to purchase and manage all fire safety equipment.

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