Why Fire Safety Training is Important for Your Staff?

For the safety and security of people and property you must have a staff or a few members of staff who are trained to act and use fire safety equipment and devices in case of fire in any commercial or multistory residential building.

Even if you live in an independent house or run a shop you should install and know how to use fire safety equipment to save life and building. You will find many fire safety training companies in Delhi, who can train you and your staff.

What you will learn in fire safety training?

Fire safety training covers many important aspects that will help you to escape and combat fire during an emergency. It includes:

  • First action on the discovery of fire.
  • Know the class of fire.
  • Which type of extinguisher is used on a particular class of fire?
  • How to perform evacuation procedure.

Learn the Triangle of Fire:

Oxygen, fuel and heat are the three elements responsible for the ignition of the fire. If you can successfully remove any one of these elements, you can extinguish the fire. As if you can put a fire blanket on fire, it will stop the supply of oxygen that puts the fire out.

Know the Fire Alarm and Assembly Points:

Your first action is to inform everyone in the premises that there is a fire in the building with the help of fire alarm. Then guide the people to safely exit the building and reach the assembly point.

Know the Class of Fire:

Fire safety training institute classify the class of fire. You should know it to combat fire effectively.

  • Class A Fire: Fire that includes solid material like wood, paper, plastic, clothes and rubber, etc.
  • Class B Fire: Fire that includes a combustible liquid such as paint, oil, petrol, chemical, etc.
  • Class C Fire: Fire that includes flammable gases like propane, butane, methane, etc.
  • Class D Fire: Fire that includes flammable metals like potassium, titanium, aluminium, etc.
  • Class F Fire: Fire that includes fat and cooking oil.


Know the Types of Extinguisher:

  • Water (Red): To be used for wood, clothes and papers.
  • Foam (Cream): To be used for flammable wood, liquid and paper.
  • Powder (Blue): To be used for flammable liquids, gas, electrical hazards, oil and chemicals.
  • CO2 (Black): To be used for flammable liquids and electrical.
  • Wet Chemical (Yellow): To be used for cooking oil and fat.

Know which Extinguisher is used for which type of Fire:

  • Water: Excellent for class “A” fire.
  • Foam: Can be used to combat both class “A” and “B” fire.
  • CO2: Excellent for class “B” fire.
  • Wet Chemical: Use to combat fire arouse because of cooking oil, fat, etc.

Method to use fire safety equipment:

  • First, you need to drag the pin out.
  • Target the nozzle towards the base of the fire.
  • Gently press the liver.
  • Make a suitable distance and move the nozzle, move towards the base of fire slowly as fire decreases till the time fire is entirely off.

A certified fire protection specialist course covers all the essential topics and practical tests to train you and your staff to tackle such conditions and combat effectiveness.


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